Previsualization and the process of story revision have the potential to be a billion-dollar industry. Currently, the film and digital media industry suffer from labor-intensive processes to refine scripts, storyboards and story reels before a project finally reaches production. Even then, many productions are subject to extensive and costly rewrites.


Team Foresight's goal is to explore creative solutions to visualize entire movie scripts to help filmmakers understand their story before production begins. To enable us to do this in a short timeline, with shot based iterations, we are developing a pipeline that will leverage non-traditional and traditional 3D techniques to show rough versions of the film, favoring speed over complexity.

It is a semester project at the Entertainment Technology Center of CMU on Spring 2020. The project is still in progress.


My Roles: Producer, Product Designer

My Responsibilities:

  • Leads research and concept development

  • Designs user interface and user experience flow for the VR camera system

  • Organizes team meetings, sets up and shares a schedule with the team and regularly re-evaluates to ensure successful completion

  • Builds the project website and updates regularly with photos, videos or development blogs


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For demo videos and further information: