Where Star Lies is my graduate thesis in Communication University of China (CUC). I worked as director, screenwriter, and editor of this project. As an astronomy enthusiast, I always thought it interesting to discuss about "the multiple universes" in human's heart. I wrote and directed this story, trying to tell a moment when the two universes in a girl's heart connect because of a person.


Li Xun, a girl who lived with her grandmother in the countryside and ran a family hostel for a living, accidentally received a group of student from city led by Mr. Luo, an enthusiast of astronomy. In just two days, Xun was deeply attracted by both the astronomical knowledge Luo talked about, and also Luo himself. The strong affection of Xun, and her powerlessness about the feelings drove her to make a different decision from her normal life.


21 ' 59 ''


Cantonese, Mandarin



2019       Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival (LACFF)  // Best Narrative Shorts (Nominated)

2020     53th World-fest Houston International Film Festval  //  Remi Award

TRAILER (1 ' 05 '')


* Since the whole project is still under NDA of some film festivals, please contact me if you are interested in further information.