DEBUT is a costume short film telling the story between an ancient Chinese girl and her father. This is the graduate thesis of my senior schoolmate Le Han in Spring 2017. I worked as the associate producer for the project.


The Hairpin Ceremony is a solemn coming-of-age ceremony of every ancient Chinese girl. Normally, parents would promise their daughters into marriage to some young men right after the ceremony. The story is about A-Jing who ran away home before her own hairpin ceremony to chase for her own lifestyle. After talking to her elder friend Ji Lan who left her family and settled in an old temple since a young age, she received a surprising letter from her strict father. Would A-Jing make a different choice after all these incidents?


As associate producer, I arranged accommodations, catering, and hiring extras within the given budget. Since this is a costume film project, we chose to shoot most scenes in Hengdian, the country's largest television and movie base. Working with a group of professionals from  hengdian improved my overall project management skills and prepared me to develop my own project. In the postproduction phase, I was in charge of casting voice actors/actresses for different characters.


DEBUT    17 ' 11 ''

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