Interaction Designer, Producer, Sound Designer

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DIEt is an AR game built on Magic Leap. The goal of this game is to help the character who is on a diet fight with her midnight fantasy - the crazy food crawling into her plates - by killing them with a giant fork! Overall, the prompt of this project is to develop an experience where the guest helps Character A overcome a fear of Character B and achieve a goal.


2 weeks, a team of 5

  • Led gameplay design and interaction design in a multi-disciplinary team

  • Created background music with Logic Pro X and sound effects with Adobe Audition

  • Created animated game logo with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

  • Led meetings and coordinated with programmers and artists to ensure developmental progress

  • Due to the short timeframe we had, we want to create something simple and impactful and avoid over-scoping. So we choose the topic of ‘good food vs. bad food’, which people can understand immediately. Also we made the art style and sound style weird but cute, to set a funny tone of our game.

  • To combine closely with real-world environment, we used surface detecting to make all the food crawl into a real table. With the vibration of controller and sound effects, our guest would feel like they’re holding a real fork and attacking real food in a table.

  • The field of view in Magic Leap can be a constraint. We use the plate as center of action so that people won’t look away and leave important information outside the frame. To improve the interest curve and the complexity of interactions, the guests can not only attack the bad food but also swipe them away if they get into the plate. More strategies would be needed if there is more and more bad food. In this way, we made our game more intense and more fun.