A collection of documentaries that tell stories of different Taiwanese individuals. I created them during my exchange semester (Fall 2017) in Shih Hsin University (SHU) in Taipei.

 Lens to Record Life, Eyes to See Taiwan 

When I was in Taipei, I met a famous Taiwanese aerial photographer, Tsing-hua Lin, and got the chance to tell Mr.Lin's career stories in a short documentary. I worked with 3 teammates from Television department of Ming Chuan University. We followed Mr.Lin driving around the whole island, recording his daily routines as a drone photographer and interviewed him about his experience.  Mr.Lin told us a lot of his inspiring life stories - how he devoted to protecting wild animals with the power of his camera, and how he was passionate about capturing both pain and beauty of Taiwan.
  • Third Place, Excellent College Student Documentary Exhibition, 9th Cross-Strait Communication Forum, awarded by Shanghai Documentary Academy, December 2018
  • Award of Best Social Welfare Micro-Film, 4th Cross-Strait College Student Micro Film Art and Culture Festival, May 2018
  • Best Television Documentary Program Award, 43rd Annual MediArt Awards, awarded by Radio & Television Department of National Taiwan University of Arts, April 2018
* This is a trailer of the documentary. If you are interested in the whole project, please contact me.

 Tamsui Memories 

《淡水舊夢》.2019-01-17 02_17_50.gif
I was taking a narrative course and one of the course project was to find a local elder and tell his/her story. I worked in a 5-person team as the director and producer. Luckily, we found a couple and interviewed them about how they, one originally from Taiwan and the other from Mainland China, fell in love. To tell their story, we retraced their road back to Tamsui, where they first met. We recorded this journey as footage to our documentary, in which, through going back to the place where the couple fell in love, we hear them both telling us about how they came to know each other, how the Taiwanese family was against the relationship, and how they eventually accepted their daughter’s suitor because his well-spoken Hakka, the local language, brought their hearts together. My team recreated a photograph of the couple taken 40 years ago. It is the first documentary project that I directed and led, in the hope that it sheds some light on the current tension between the two regions.
  • Excellent Dissertation, Humanities and Social Sciences Education Project, Ministry of Education Advisory Office, Taiwan
* For the video with English subtitle, please go to the youtube page of the project.