A collection of short dramas from Visual Story course at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) of Carnegie Mellon University (Fall 2019). These 2 short films are both created in a 5-person team in which I worked as the director.


Nomophobia is a 5-min short film telling a story of a man who is obsessed with his phone learns a karmic lesson - he got stuck into his phone.
It is the final assignment of Visual Story course, created in a team of 5, and produced within 2 weeks. I worked as director and editor (both narrative editing and some necessary VFX) in the team. At the end of the semester, we won the Best Editing, Best Actor and Best Sound Effects on the class.


Reflections is a 3-min love story without any dialogue. It tells the story of a shy man changes his appearance to impress the person he likes. The project is a midterm project of Visual Story course, created in a team of 5 and produced within 1 week. I worked as the director, cinematographer and editor in the project.